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OPAT/ HITH Masterclass 2 - Delivery of OPAT in Different Environments

17 June 2021 6:00pm7:45pm
The second OPAT / HITH Masterclass will describe various models of care delivery in different environments including a Western Australian perspective, treatment and ongoing care responsibilities distinct to residential aged care and the unique challenges in paediatric and school contexts. A 20min Question and Answer session moderated by Dr James Pollard from Cabrini Health will follow.

Precision dosing - is it worth the effort?

15 June 2021 10:00am11:00am
Antimicrobial pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) experts, Dr Ryan Crass and Dr Sarah Jorgensen, argue the need for precision antimicrobial dosing in daily patient care!

Both internationally leading PharmD researchers present their cases from a position of academic and clinical excellence ensuring a fascinating discussion. Of course, this debate also represents the USA vs Canada.

Watch the recording now, then complete the poll on our Twitter page!

Sepsis Diagnosis and Optimisation of Antimicrobials webinar

18 May 2021 6:00pm
Sepsis remains an increasingly complex disease with vastly different health outcomes globally. It can be healthcare-associated and is often multi-drug resistant. Sepsis kills over 5000 Australians each year and accounts for one in four ICU deaths. Current diagnostic approaches are inadequate when time is critical. In this webinar, leading researchers present the latest data and studies on treatment interventions, diagnostic considerations, combination antimicrobial therapy, and nebulised antimicrobials; also pharmacokinetics and optimisation of antimicrobials for the treatment of sepsis, and the role of therapeutic drug monitoring.

OPAT / HITH Masterclass 1 - Pulmonary Infections

18 March 2021 6:00pm8:30pm
The first OPAT / HITH Masterclass focuses on pulmonary infections with case studies on atypical mycobacterial infections and drug-resistant tuberculosis; insights from a patient, their partner, clinician and pharmacist. We then hear from Dr Seok Lim and Dr Kate Davies about the clinical monitoring of respiratory viruses in adults and children with COVID-19. Watch the generous Q&A session moderated by Dr Benjamin Rogers from the Monash HITH service.

COVID-19 Therapeutics Whirlwind webinar

23 February 2021 6:00pm8:45pm
A fantastic international faculty including NEJM authors, clinicians running COVID-19 trials, intensivists who have treated countless patients, and panel members of various international guidelines discuss COVID-19 therapeutics. Watch the recordings now!

Optimised treatment of mycobacterial infections

26 February 2020 8:30am
Recordings of the seminar on the optimised treatment of mycobacterial infections held in Melbourne on 26 February 2020 are now available here.