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18 Mar 2021
The first OPAT / HITH Masterclass focuses on pulmonary infections with case studies on atypical mycobacterial infections and drug-resistant tuberculosis; insights from a patient, their partner, clinician and pharmacist. We then hear from Dr Seok Lim and Dr Kate Davies about the clinical monitoring of respiratory viruses in adults and children with COVID-19. Watch the generous Q&A session moderated by Dr Benjamin Rogers from the Monash HITH service.
23 Feb 2021
A fantastic international faculty including NEJM authors, clinicians running COVID-19 trials, intensivists who have treated countless patients, and panel members of various international guidelines discuss COVID-19 therapeutics. Watch the recordings now!
Strong associations exist between drug exposure and patient outcomes for many antimicrobials. Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is an obvious method to apply to ensure more patients achieve effective drug concentrations. This practice should be considered standard-of-care for most antimicrobials but there is still uncertainty about which patients benefit most from TDM. Watch our recordings to hear the guidance from leading practitioners and scientists in this area!