CRE REDUCE offers unique opportunities for students to work alongside researchers who are leaders in their field, on projects that directly translate to improved patient outcomes.

We offer our students:

  • Access to patients in leading quaternary level intensive care and burns units

  • Access to quality assured bioanalytical laboratory with the latest HPLC/LCMS equipment
  • A large array of clinical research equipment
  • Supervision by experienced internationally recognized researchers
  • Multidisciplinary seminars
  • Funds to attend national or international conferences
  • Access to computers and office space

Available projects

Dose optimisation of antibacterials in patients post-lung transplant

Dose optimisation of antifungals and antivirals in post-lung transplant patients

Beta-lactam antibiotic dose optimization in critically ill patient

Using laboratory-based infection models to develop better antibiotic dosing regimens​

Dose optimisation of anti-infective drugs in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)- co-sponsored by CRE ACTIONS

Optimisation of anti-infective medications in immunocompromised patients and those on prolonged treatment regimens