In vitro infection models

Exploring the impact of altered and variable antimicrobial pharmacokinetics on bacterial killing and emergence of bacterial resistance.

Clinical pharmacokinetic studies

PK studies of antimicrobials in patients with VAP, CAP/ PK of antimicrobials in different RRT modalities.
SaMpling Antibiotics in Renal Replacement Therapy - SMARRT study.
Antimicrobial pharmacokinetics in patients with cystic fibrosis, lung and bone marrow transplant.
Pharmacokinetics of Flucloxacillin and Lincomycin in burns patients.
Pharmacokinetics of antifungals in intensive care patients.
Pharmacokinetics of antimicrobials in critically ill paediatric patients.
Pharmacokinetics of antimicrobials in critically ill obese patients.

Development of innovative doses  

Pharmacometric analysis of antimicrobial pharmacokinetics to propose novel and innovative dosing regimens.

Testing innovative doses

Therapeutic drug monitoring optimisation of antimicrobial exposures for critically ill, burns and transplant patients.

Clinical trials 

Continuous versus intermittent beta-lactams administration in critically ill patients with sepsis not receiving renal replacement therapy.   
Therapeutic drug monitoring and dose personalisation of antimicrobials in mechanically ventilated patients with Gram-negative pneumonia.

Practice guidelines development 

Development of informed consumer groups participating as partners in CRE REDUCE projects and processes.   
Development of clinical practice guidelines on antimicrobial dosing incorporating new knowledge generated by the CRE REDUCE.